Our Committee

Like all Neighbourhood Houses, Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House is managed by a voluntary Committee of Management, made up of members of the local community. At present, our Commitee members are:

Maria Larubina (Chair)

Vera Joosten (Treasurer)

Luke Bresolin (Public Officer)

Graham Cole

Sam Phuangsuwan

Sue Purdie



AGM 2016

Our Committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and is governed by the House Constitution. Our last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House (RRNH) took place on:

Wednesday 19 October, 6pm – 7pm

The 2014 AGM was unusual as members were asked to consider replacing our current rules and purposes (also called the RRNH Constitution). This legal document defines rules for governance and how RRNH elects its CoM. The constitution needed review to ensure it complies with Victoria’s new Association Incorporations Review Act made law in 2012. At the end of 2013 the new Act made the current RRNH constitution non-compliant on several points.

In updating the constitution, our CoM decided to largely rebuild the document to reflect the “Model Rules” which the Department of Justice puts out as a good example of a compliant constitution. RRNH has, however, added a number of key aspects relating to membership and the election of our CoM to retain our own RRNH governance.

View our constitution here:


To view minutes from our 2016 AGM:

AGM Minutes 2016





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