This mural was funded by the Recognise program.

Recognise muralAbove: The mural in March 2014.

Collaborating on the mural 

The mural was a collaborative community project with many hands involved:

  • Local Koori artist, Brent Watkins, and non-Indigenous artist, Adam Buckland designed the mural.  Together with non-Indigenous artist Leith Walton, they have created the mural.  See Meet the Artists for more information.
  • Moreland community groups have helped the artists to painting the mural.
  • Local children have added their handprints to the mural.
  • Merri Community Health Service (The Art Room @ Exchange) have created mosaic hands as part of the installation.
  • The mural was launched at the Moreland Recognise Campaign Music Event on 23 March 2014.  See here for more info.
  • Prominent Moreland citizens will be invited to support the campaign.

An artist’s impression of the mural:


Above: watercolour impression of the mural that Adam Buckland donated to the project.

Story of the mural

Brent Watkins has strong family connections to Geraldton in Western Australia. He chose a maritime theme with sea animals to represent his connections to these coastal regions of Australia. The dot painting is also typical of Aboriginal art in northern Australia.  Here it represents grinding mangroves to powder for fishing. Bunjil, the wedge-tailed eagle looks over the mural.  This is an important creation story for the local Aboriginal community, the Wurundjeri people. The hands represent the support of non-Indigenous Australians for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.