Meet the Artists

Introducing our artists, Brent Watkins, Adam Buckland and Leith Walton, who collaborated on the design and artwork of the Recognise mural:


 Leith Walton, Brent Watkins, Greg Thorpe (RRNH Coordinator), Adam Buckland

Brent Watkins

Brent Watkins was born in Bairnsdale and grew up in Melbourne where he currently lives. He has family from the Gunnaikurnai people in Gippsland, Victoria and the Yamaji people from Geraldton, Western Australia.

He taught himself Aboriginal art after being given an opportunity to draw on a blank boomerang in Grade 5. He has worked at Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery in Melbourne and does performance, didgeridoo and dance for school groups.

>He has an interest in bringing together Aboriginal culture and contemporary culture, in particular in hip hop dance, which he has been doing since 2008.

Watch Brent talk about his art, his background, and his future plans:


Adam Buckland

Adam Buckland is a Melbourne-based artist and musician.  He grew up and studied in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Over the last two decades, Adam has been a  songwriter and performer in a number of  bands and musical projects. He is currently recording the ninth release for his solo project, The Dodgy World.

More recently Adam has been interested in painting, in different mediums and styles. After completing fine arts studies in 2010, he relocated to Melbourne.  He has exhibited in The Atrium at Federation Square and Brunswick Arts Space. He describes his approach to art and music as instinctual and intuitive.

Adam is committed to raising awareness of the Recognition campaign and has enjoyed collaborating with Brent on the project.

For more of Adam’s work, see his website:

rrnh mural-5Leith Walton, Greg Thorpe and Adam Buckland working on the mural, December 2013

Leith Walton

Leith is a respected artist who has been based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne for the past 8 years. His early years were spent in the rainforests of Wilsons Creek in New South Wales which nurtured his love for the aesthetic simplicity of the natural world.

His creations reflect childlike worlds, brimming with effortless beauty, that invite you back to a place where fantasy and the simplicity of everyday life. His favoured style is whimsical water colours finished off with ink.

Recently Leith was commissioned by Moreland City Council to create laser cut sculptures of Indigenous birds for an installation called Homeward Bound in Glenroy.  He has used similar technology to create an eagle to sit on top of the Recognise Mural at the Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House.

Leith is enthusiastic about raising awareness of the Recognition campaign. He was shocked to hear that the Australian Constitution does not recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Not only is he excited about the Mural  helping to spread the word about the campaign but he also enjoyed working with Brent.

For more information about Leith Walton, go to